Golf RangefinderRangefinders are electronic devices that use lasers to measure the distance between the device and a target. In the context of golf, rangefinders are commonly used to determine the distance between a golfer and a specific target, such as the flagstick, a hazard, or a tree. To use a rangefinder in golf, the golfer aims the device at the target and presses a button to activate the laser. The laser then emits a beam of light that bounces off the target and returns to the rangefinder. The device measures the time it takes for the laser beam to make the round trip, calculates the distance based on the time and the speed of light, and displays the distance on a screen. Most rangefinders used in golf are accurate to within one yard or meter, which can help golfers make more informed club selection decisions and improve their accuracy on the course. Some rangefinders also feature additional features, such as slope compensation, which adjusts the distance measurement based on the angle of the slope between the golfer and the target, and GPS mapping, which provides detailed information about the course layout and hazards.

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