Autopilot C3i Wedge Review


Welcome to our in-depth review of the 2024 Autopilot C3i Wedge! For avid golfers seeking to improve their short game, selecting the right wedge is crucial. The Autopilot C3i Wedge has gained considerable attention in the golfing community for its innovative design and performance on the course. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into its various models, features, specifications, pros and cons, player testimonials, and provide a conclusive overview to help you make an informed decision.

Model Breakdown

Autopilot C3i Wedge – Standard Model

The standard Autopilot C3i Wedge is designed for golfers of all skill levels who seek consistency and precision in their short game. Its forgiving design and high loft make it ideal for a variety of shots around the green.

Autopilot C3i Wedge – Pro Model

The Pro model of the Autopilot C3i Wedge is tailored for advanced players looking for enhanced control and versatility. With a sleeker profile and adjustable features, it offers the precision and performance demanded by professional golfers.


  • Auto-glide sole: The patented auto-glide sole technology ensures effortless turf interaction, promoting cleaner contact and consistent ball flight.
  • High loft: The high loft of the C3i Wedge facilitates high, soft landing shots, making it easier to control distance and trajectory around the green.
  • Anti-chunk design: The club’s anti-chunk design prevents digging into the turf, reducing the likelihood of mishits and providing a smoother swing experience.
  • Wide sole design: The wide sole design increases stability at impact, improving overall forgiveness and allowing for more consistent results, even on off-center strikes.
  • Versatile use: Whether faced with bunker shots, pitch shots, or chip shots, the Autopilot C3i Wedge excels in various short game situations, offering versatility and reliability.


  • Loft: 55 degrees (standard), customizable loft options available for the Pro model.
  • Shaft: Steel or graphite shaft options.
  • Length: Standard length, customizable options available.
  • Grip: Premium rubber grip for enhanced comfort and control.

Pros & Cons


  • Effortless turf interaction for cleaner contact.
  • High loft promotes soft landing shots.
  • Forgiving design minimizes mishits.
  • Versatile use for various short game situations.
  • Sleek and adjustable Pro model for advanced players.


  • Limited loft options for the standard model.
  • Higher price point compared to traditional wedges.
  • Some players may prefer a more traditional wedge design.

Player Testimonials

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Italicized quotes from satisfied players:

“The Autopilot C3i Wedge has transformed my short game. Its forgiving design has improved my consistency around the green, and I love the effortless turf interaction.” – John D.

“As a professional golfer, I demand precision and control from my equipment. The Autopilot C3i Pro model delivers on both fronts, allowing me to execute a wide range of shots with confidence.” – Sarah P.

“I was initially skeptical about the auto-glide sole technology, but after trying the Autopilot C3i Wedge, I’m a believer. It’s made a noticeable difference in my game, especially from bunkers and tight lies.” – Mike T.

“The wide sole design of the Autopilot C3i Wedge gives me added confidence on those delicate chip shots. It’s incredibly forgiving, even on my less-than-perfect swings.” – Emily R.

“I’ve struggled with my short game for years, but the Autopilot C3i Wedge has been a game-changer. It’s easy to use and has helped me shave strokes off my scorecard.” – Tom W.


In conclusion, the 2024 Autopilot C3i Wedge offers a compelling solution for golfers seeking to elevate their short game performance. With innovative features such as the auto-glide sole and anti-chunk design, it provides consistent results and improved playability on the course. Whether you’re a recreational player looking for forgiveness or a seasoned pro in need of precision, the Autopilot C3i Wedge delivers. While it may come at a slightly higher price point, the benefits it brings to your game make it a worthy investment. Choose the standard model for reliability or upgrade to the Pro model for enhanced control and adjustability. Whichever option you select, you can trust the Autopilot C3i Wedge to deliver exceptional performance and help you lower your scores.


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