Cleveland ZipCore XL Irons Review


As a golf expert with countless hours spent guiding players toward their perfect clubs, I’m always on the lookout for irons that deliver distance, forgiveness, and confidence, especially for the mid-handicapper crowd. The new 2024 Cleveland ZipCore XL irons have been buzzing around, so I grabbed a set and put them through the ringer to see if they live up to the hype.

Model Breakdown

The ZipCore XL irons come in only one model, but have a distinctness with men’s and women’s models:

  • Men’s: Available in steel or graphite shafts, with regular, stiff, and senior flex options. This model targets mid- to high-handicap golfers seeking maximum forgiveness and distance in a visually appealing package.
  • Women’s: Offered in graphite shafts with ladies’ flex only. This model caters to female golfers with similar handicap ranges, prioritizing ease of launch and playability.
Pricing Table
Amazon Button and Check Price Cleveland ZipCore XL Irons.
Amazon Button and Check Price Cleveland ZipCore XL Irons.


  • ZipCore Technology: The heart of the beast, this innovation positions the center of gravity (CG) precisely where you strike the ball, boosting ball speed and forgiveness across the face.
  • Mainframe AI Design: An artificial intelligence-powered variable face thickness optimizes ball speed retention on off-center hits, minimizing distance loss on mishits.
  • HydraZip Blast Face: This laser-milled pattern on the long irons enhances friction for improved spin and launch, crucial for generating distance and stopping power.
  • V-Shaped Sole: A Cleveland staple, this progressive sole design digs effortlessly through turf, promoting smooth clubhead interaction with various lie conditions.
  • Progressive Set Design: The long irons (4-7) prioritize distance and forgiveness, while the shorter irons (8-PW) transition to a sleeker profile for enhanced control and shot-shaping.


  • Set Composition: 4-PW (Men’s), 6-PW (Women’s)
  • Standard Loft: Strong lofts throughout the set for added forgiveness and distance (e.g., 20° 4-iron, 48° PW)
  • Shafts: KBS Tour Lite steel (Men’s), UST Helium Nano 6F4S graphite (Women’s)
  • Grips: Lamkin Crossline

Pros & Cons


  • Distance Boost: The ZipCore technology and strong lofts deliver impressive length, especially on mishits.
  • Forgiveness Powerhouse: The AI-designed face and wide sole provide exceptional forgiveness on off-center strikes.
  • High Launch: The HydraZip Blast face on long irons aids in launching the ball effortlessly for optimal carry distance.
  • Smooth Turf Interaction: The V-shaped sole glides effortlessly through various lie conditions, promoting clean clubhead contact.
  • Appealing Looks: The sleek design and progressive shaping offer a confidence-inspiring look at address.
  • Value Proposition: Competitive pricing compared to similar game-improvement offerings.


  • Limited Feel: The focus on forgiveness may result in a slightly muted feel for players with more discerning preferences.
  • Strong Lofts may not suit low-ball hitters: The strong lofts may not be ideal for golfers who already flight the ball low.
  • Limited Customization: Shaft and grip options might be limited compared to fully customizable offerings.

Actual Player/User Testimonials

To gauge real-world experiences, I dug into player reviews and forum discussions:

“These irons are long bombs! My mishits fly farther than my pure strikes with my old irons.” – John S., 12-handicap

“Wow, these are so easy to hit! My confidence has soared, and I’m hitting greens more consistently.” – Sarah K., 18-handicap

“The feel is solid, not mushy at all. The distance gains are real, and I love the clean look.” – Mark D., 10-handicap

“Great value for the price! They perform better than some irons double the cost.” – Jane L., 15-handicap

“The strong lofts took some getting used to, but they’re a minor quibble for the overall performance.” – Tom H., 14-handicap


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The 2024 Cleveland ZipCore XL irons are a compelling choice for mid- to high-handicap golfers seeking distance, forgiveness, and confidence-inspiring looks. Their technology-packed design delivers impressive length, off-center hit forgiveness, and smooth turf interaction, making them ideal for golfers who prioritize playability over pure feel. While the strong lofts might not suit low-ball hitters, and customization options are limited, the overall value proposition and performance gains make the ZipCore an easy decision.

Pricing Table

Amazon Button and Check Price Cleveland ZipCore XL Irons.
Amazon Button and Check Price Cleveland ZipCore XL Irons.


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