Cobra Darkspeed Fairway Wood Review


The 2024 Cobra Golf’s Darkspeed fairway woods have taken the market by storm, promising “speed without limits.” But with three distinct models – the Max, X, and LS – and a bevy of technical jargon, choosing the right one can be daunting. Fear not, fellow fairway finders! This comprehensive review will peel back the layers, analyze each model, and guide you towards the Darkspeed that unlocks your long-game potential.

Model Breakdown

Darkspeed Max

This confidence-inspiring club boasts the largest head size and highest MOI (Moment of Inertia) for maximum forgiveness. Its draw-bias design promotes straighter ball flights, making it ideal for high-handicappers and golfers seeking effortless distance.

Darkspeed X

This versatile option blends forgiveness with lower spin and a flatter trajectory, appealing to mid-handicappers who prioritize control and workability alongside distance.

Darkspeed LS

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This tour-inspired model features the smallest head and lowest MOI, demanding precise swings but rewarding them with explosive power and pinpoint shot-shaping ability. It’s best suited for low-handicappers and skilled golfers.

Pricing Table
Amazon Button and Check Price Cobra Darkspeed Fairway Wood.
Amazon Button and Check Price Cobra Darkspeed Fairway Wood.

Model-Specific Specs:

Feature Darkspeed Max Darkspeed X Darkspeed LS
Loft Options 3-7, 5-7, 7-9 3-7, 5-7, 7-9 3-7
Draw Bias Yes Moderate None
Head Size (cc) 250 225 190
MOI (g-cm²) 3,400 3,200 2,800


Pros & Cons:

Darkspeed Max:

  • Pros: High forgiveness, draw bias promotes straighter shots, distance gains.
  • Cons: Larger head size may not inspire confidence in better players, less workability.

Darkspeed X:

  • Pros: Good balance of forgiveness and control, versatile performance, adjustable rails.
  • Cons: Not as forgiving as Max, may not offer enough workability for low-handicappers.

Darkspeed LS:

  • Pros: Explosive distance, low spin for penetrating trajectories, precise shot-shaping ability.
  • Cons: Requires precise swings, less forgiving than other models, smaller head size may intimidate some.

Features & Specs

Across all models, Cobra engineers packed some serious tech:

  • PWRSHELL Face: A large, forged face insert with variable thickness delivers explosive ball speeds across the hitting zone.
  • H.O.T. Face Technology: Artificial intelligence optimizes face thickness for maximum ball speed and spin consistency.
  • Suspended PWR-BRIDGE Design: Decouples the face from the sole, further enhancing flex and ball speed.
  • Lightweight Carbon Crown: Saves weight, allowing for lower CG placement and higher launch.
  • Customizable Baffler Rails: Tailor trajectory and playability with three interchangeable rail options.

Actual Player/User Testimonials

“The Max is a game-changer. I hit it farther and straighter than ever before, and the draw bias helps me find more fairways.” – John S., 12-handicap

“The X is my new secret weapon. It’s forgiving enough for mishits, but I can also shape shots and control distance.” – Sarah L., 8-handicap

“The LS is the real deal. It’s demanding, but when I connect, the ball rockets. Pure distance and control for better players.” – Mark D., 4-handicap

“Love the adjustability of the rails! I can fine-tune the clubs to fit my swing and course conditions.” – Emily C., 15-handicap

“These woods look amazing and feel even better. The sound and feedback at impact are pure quality.” – David A., 10-handicap


The 2024 Cobra Darkspeed fairway woods cater to a wide range of golfers, delivering speed, forgiveness, and control in varying degrees. The Max shines for high-handicappers, the X excels for mid-handicappers seeking versatility, and the LS unleashes power and precision for low-handicappers. Consider your skill level, swing characteristics, and desired performance when choosing your weapon. Whichever Darkspeed you choose, remember, “speed without limits” isn’t just a tagline; it’s an invitation to unlock your fairway wood potential.

Pricing Table

Amazon Button and Check Price Cobra Darkspeed Fairway Wood.
Amazon Button and Check Price Cobra Darkspeed Fairway Wood.


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