Love III Advocates for Patience and Emphasizes the Need for ‘Player Input’ in the Outcome of the PIF Deal

Davis Love III has penned a sincere message addressed to Jay Monahan, the PGA Tour commissioner, and the entire playing membership, emphasizing the significance of collaboration and patience to achieve the most favorable outcome for our esteemed Tour. This correspondence pertains to the ongoing negotiations with the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund (PIF).

Having served as a player director for a substantial period, Love has actively participated in boardroom discussions, particularly during the transitional phases from Deane Beman to Tim Finchem, and subsequently to Monahan.

With utmost admiration, the 59-year-old golfer commended all three commissioners he has had the privilege of working with, acknowledging their commitment to making decisions in the best interests of the players, sponsors, devoted fans, and the sport as a whole. Love further emphasized that player input has consistently played a pivotal role in previous transformative changes.

It is evident that Love urges for a united front and a harmonious collaboration, urging all parties to exercise patience and work together to ensure that the forthcoming decisions regarding the partnership with the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund yield the most beneficial outcome for the Tour.

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Below, is the letter Love III sent Jay Monahan:

Dear Jay,

Robin and I continue to pray for your health and well-being, and your family.   I have been fortunate in my career to be a Player Director for five terms and work in the board room with you, Deane Beman and Tim Finchem, and I’ve watched the incredible growth of the PGA TOUR throughout my career.

Our three commissioners have one critical, common trait: the unwavering goal of basing all decisions on what’s best for the players, sponsors, loyal fans, and the game, as well as generating millions of dollars for charity. This growth has only been possible because our commissioners and the Independent Board Directors have always guided us to sound business decisions, and player input has been central to those decision, as the Player Directors have an equal voice and votes, to approve or deny our path forward.

I am confident and trust that any decisions – in the future as in the past – will have the same due process and player input. Jay, as you have said, Rules made by the Players, for the Players. If we are patient and work together we will achieve the best result for our Tour, and our partners and fans. As always, you, the players and the Policy Board have my full support.


Davis Love III

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