PXG 0311 Black Ops Driver Review


Buckle up, golf nuts, because PXG has dropped a bomb on the driver market with the enigmatic 2024 PXG 0311 Black Ops. This isn’t just another pretty club; it’s a meticulously crafted weapon of mass (distance) destruction, cloaked in a sleek, tactical aesthetic. But does it actually walk the walk, or is it all smoke and mirrors? I, your friendly neighborhood golf guru, have spent countless hours dissecting this beast, and I’m here to unravel its secrets and help you decide if it deserves a spot in your bag.

Model Breakdown

The Black Ops doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. PXG knows no two swings are the same, so they’ve unleashed four distinct models:


For the mid-to-high handicapper seeking maximum forgiveness and distance.


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A lower-spinning option for the control-seeking bomber.


The ultimate low-spin assassin for Tour pros and scratch golfers.

0311 LS:

A lightweight marvel for seniors and golfers with slower swing speeds.


1. Unorthodox Sole Design: Ditch the familiar teardrop shape. The Black Ops boasts a raised heel and toe with a center keel, promoting clubhead speed and forgiveness on off-center strikes.

2. Variable Face Thickness Technology: PXG’s secret sauce, this tech optimizes face thickness across different zones, maximizing ball speed even on mishits.

3. Adjustable Loft and Lie: Fine-tune your launch angle and lie angle for optimal launch and ball flight. It’s like having a custom-fit driver in one.

4. High-MOI Design: Strategic weight distribution throughout the head boosts stability and forgiveness, minimizing off-center distance loss.

5. Premium Shafts: Choose from PXG’s own custom shafts or go with top-tier offerings from Mitsubishi and Project X.


  • Material: Titanium alloy (clubhead)
  • Loft options: 9°, 10°, 11°, 12° (depending on model)
  • Adjustability: +/- 2° loft, +/- 2° lie angle
  • Swing weight: Varies by model and shaft

Pros & Cons


  • Explosive Distance: The unique sole design and VFT tech generate insane ball speeds, launching rockets off the tee.
  • Forgiving for Days: Mishits sting less thanks to the high-MOI and strategically placed weight.
  • Supreme Adjustability: Customize your launch, lie, and shaft to perfectly match your swing.
  • Premium Feel: The titanium head delivers a satisfying “pop” at impact, and the premium shafts feel buttery smooth.
  • Head-Turning Looks: The matte black finish with subtle orange accents screams “performance” and intimidation.


  • Pricey: PXG doesn’t play budget golf. Be prepared to shell out some serious coin for this bad boy.
  • Slightly Unconventional: The sole design might be off-putting for some traditionalists.
  • Limited Feedback: The focus on distance takes a slight toll on feel compared to some softer-forged options.

Actual Player/User Comments

“This driver is a cheat code! I’m adding 15 yards consistently, and my mishits still fly straight.” – John A., 12 handicap

“The adjustability is incredible. I was able to dial in the perfect launch and spin for my swing.” – Sarah B., 5 handicap

“The Black Ops feels like an extension of my arms. It’s powerful, forgiving, and pure confidence booster.” – Tom C., Tour professional

“The sleek black design is just badass. It turns heads every time I step on the tee box.” – Emily D., 8 handicap

“It’s definitely expensive, but the performance and quality justify the price tag. It’s an investment in your game.” – Michael F., scratch golfer


The 2024 PXG 0311 Black Ops is more than just a driver; it’s a statement. It’s a declaration of war against par, a weapon forged in the fires of innovation and honed for pure distance domination. If you’re a golfer who craves explosive power, unmatched forgiveness, and a premium, adjustable experience, then the Black Ops deserves a serious look. Just be prepared to open your wallet, because this masterpiece doesn’t come cheap.


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