PXG 0317 ST Irons Review


PXG, the brand that burst onto the scene with its audacious designs and performance-driven clubs, has once again pushed the boundaries with the 2024 0317 ST irons. These musclebacks aren’t just pretty faces; they’re meticulously crafted tools for the discerning golfer who craves pure feel, pinpoint accuracy, and unwavering shotmaking control.

But are the PXG 0317 ST irons right for you? Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into their every detail, from the forged craftsmanship to the nuanced performance, to help you decide if these beauties belong in your bag.

Model Breakdown

PXG recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all, even within the realm of musclebacks. That’s why they offer two distinct 0317 ST models:

  • 0317 Milled Blades: These are the epitome of classic musclebacks, boasting a compact head, minimal offset, and a thin topline. They demand precision and reward it handsomely with buttery feel and laser-like trajectory. Think Jordan Spieth wielding these beauties.

  • 0317 Filled Cavity Irons: Offering a touch more forgiveness than their blade counterparts, these irons feature a subtle cavity back design that adds stability on off-center strikes. Think of them as the perfect bridge between pure blades and player’s irons, ideal for skilled golfers seeking a blend of precision and playability.

Pricing Table
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No PXG creation is complete without cutting-edge technology, and the 0317 ST irons are no exception. Here’s what makes them tick:

  • Triple-forged 8620 soft carbon steel: This meticulous forging process ensures exceptional strength, durability, and that oh-so-satisfying soft feel.
  • Progressive clubhead design: The long irons (3-5) feature cavity backs for added forgiveness, while the shorter irons (6-PW) transition to a classic blade design for maximum control.
  • Tungsten weighting: Strategically placed tungsten weights optimize the center of gravity (CG) location in each club for optimal launch and spin characteristics.
  • Xtreme Dark finish (optional): This DLC coating not only looks sleek but also provides superior wear resistance and a stealthy, confidence-boosting appearance.


  • Available lofts: 3-PW
  • Standard shafts: PXG 0317 ST Steel (steel) and PXG 0317 ST Carbon (graphite)
  • Custom shaft options: A wide range of premium shafts are available for fitting
  • Lie angles: Standard, upright, and flat options

Pros & Cons


  • Unmatched feel: The soft, buttery feel on pure strikes is simply sublime.
  • Precision control: These irons demand your best swing and reward it with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Workability: Shape your shots with ease thanks to the responsive clubface and minimal offset.
  • Forgiveness (Filled Cavity only): The subtle cavity back provides welcome assistance on off-center hits.
  • Premium looks and performance: The sleek design and cutting-edge technology scream quality.
  • Have minimal offset and a tour-inspired blended set design
  • Support ultimate shot shaping, high spin performance, and distance control
  • Come with PXG’s proprietary Precision Weighting Technology
  • Feature a larger, tour-inspired cavity back design in the 3- and 4-irons, which provides higher MOI and greater forgiveness in the harder-to-hit long irons
  • Are made with a 431 stainless steel body and a 60-gram tungsten toe weight
  • Provide exceptional feel and feedback
  • Provide forgiveness on off-center hits
  • Are easy to align
  • Deliver a higher launch angle
  • Are ideal for players with slower swing speeds


  • Pricey: PXG clubs are known for their premium price tag, and the 0317 STs are no exception.
  • Demanding: These irons require a skilled swing to unlock their full potential.
  • Limited forgiveness (Milled Blades only): Pure blades offer minimal forgiveness, so mishits will be penalized.

Player/User Testimonials

“The feel of these irons is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Pure butter on clean strikes, and even when I miss, they give me good feedback.” – John S., 5 handicap

“My ball striking has improved dramatically since switching to the 0317 STs. I’m finding fairways and greens with pinpoint accuracy.” – Sarah L., 8 handicap

“The Xtreme Dark finish is so badass. It gives me so much confidence standing over the ball.” – Mike T., 12 handicap

“The forgiveness of the Filled Cavity irons is a lifesaver on my long irons. I can still shape shots, but I don’t have to be perfect every swing.” – Jane B., 15 handicap

“These irons are an investment, but they’re worth every penny. They’re not just clubs, they’re an extension of my game.” – **Dave


Conclusion: A Sculpted Masterpiece, Forged for Champions

The 2024 PXG 0317 ST irons are a masterpiece of clubmaking, marrying the timeless elegance of musclebacks with cutting-edge technology for unparalleled feel, precision, and control. They’re not for everyone, though. These beauties demand a skilled swing and punish mishits mercilessly. But for the golfer who craves the ultimate shotmaking experience and thrives on feedback, the 0317 STs are an investment that will pay dividends on every swing.

So, should you add these beauties to your bag?

If you’re a low-handicap golfer with a consistent swing and a thirst for control, the answer is a resounding yes. The 0317 STs will elevate your game to new heights, rewarding your precision with pinpoint accuracy and that intoxicating, buttery feel.

If you’re a mid-handicap golfer seeking to improve your ball striking and take your game to the next level, consider the Filled Cavity model. It offers a touch more forgiveness without sacrificing the core DNA of the muscleback experience.

But if you’re a high-handicap golfer or prioritize distance over pinpoint accuracy, you might be better served looking elsewhere. These irons demand commitment and practice to unlock their full potential.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. But if you’re looking for the ultimate muscleback experience, forged for feel and built for precision, the PXG 0317 STs are a contender for the top spot in your bag. Just be prepared to pay the price for this level of golfing nirvana.

I hope this in-depth review has helped you decide if the PXG 0317 ST irons are right for you. Remember, the best clubs are the ones that inspire confidence and elevate your game.

Pricing Table

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