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The 2024 Ping’s S159 wedge represents a culmination of their wedge design philosophy, offering a comprehensive and versatile option for golfers of all skill levels. With extensive tour player input and innovative features, the S159 wedges aim to deliver exceptional short-game performance and precision. This in-depth review will delve into the S159’s intricacies, analyzing its model breakdown, features, specifications, player testimonials, and concluding with an overall assessment to guide you towards making an informed decision.

Model Breakdown

The Ping S159 wedges come in three distinct grind options – S grind, T grind, and the new H grind – catering to a variety of playing styles and course conditions.

  • S Grind: The S grind represents Ping’s most versatile option, available in lofts from 46 to 60 degrees. This all-rounder performs well on various surfaces and swing techniques. It features ample bounce in the midsection for square-faced shots while offering heel and trailing edge relief for more open-faced finesse around the green. The introduction of a new 48-degree option in the S grind addresses the gap created by stronger lofts in modern irons.

  • T Grind: The T grind caters to golfers who demand maximum versatility, particularly for opening the face and hitting high, soft shots around the green. Available in lofts from 58 to 62 degrees, the T grind boasts generous heel and trailing edge relief to prevent digging. This grind excels in soft to medium course conditions but might require a higher bounce option (like the H grind) for softer ground.

  • H Grind: The H grind is the newest addition to the S159 family, designed for golfers who encounter soft or wet conditions. This grind features increased bounce throughout the sole, particularly in the heel and trailing edge, promoting smooth turf interaction and preventing shots from getting stuck. The H grind is available in lofts from 54 to 60 degrees.

Pricing Table
Amazon Button and Check Price Ping S159 Wedge.
Amazon Button and Check Price Ping S159 Wedge.


The Ping S159 wedges boast a compelling feature set designed to enhance short-game performance:

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    Cast 8620 Carbon Steel Construction: The S159 wedges utilize a soft, cast 8620 carbon steel construction. This material delivers a responsive feel at impact while providing excellent feedback for distance control.

  • Hydropearl Finish (Chrome Only): The chrome wedges feature Ping’s Hydropearl finish, a hydrophobic coating that repels moisture and maintains consistent spin even in damp conditions.

  • Elastomer Insert: An elastomer insert strategically placed behind the clubface absorbs impact vibration, resulting in a softer and more comfortable feel throughout the swing.

  • Wheel-Cut Grooves: The S159 wedges feature aggressive, tour-proven wheel-cut grooves. These grooves offer exceptional bite on the ball, maximizing spin for precise shot-stopping power and control on approach shots.

  • Multiple Grind Options: As discussed earlier, the S grind, T grind, and H grind cater to a variety of playing styles and course conditions, ensuring golfers can find the perfect wedge to match their swing and turf interaction preferences.


Here’s a specification breakdown of the Ping S159 wedges:

  • Available lofts: 46° to 62° (varies by grind)
  • Material: Cast 8620 Carbon Steel
  • Finish: Chrome (with Hydropearl technology), Black
  • Grind Options: S grind, T grind, H grind
  • Shaft Options: Various steel and graphite options available (purchased separately)

Pros & Cons


  • Exceptional Spin: The S159 wedges generate exceptional spin thanks to the combination of the soft 8620 carbon steel construction and the aggressive wheel-cut grooves. This translates to precise control on approach shots and increased stopping power on the green.
  • Versatility: With three distinct grind options, the S159 wedges cater to a wide range of golfers and playing styles. Whether you demand maximum versatility (S grind), prefer opening the face for high, soft shots (T grind), or require extra bounce for soft conditions (H grind), there’s an S159 wedge perfectly suited for your needs.
  • Soft Feel: The combination of the cast 8620 carbon steel and the elastomer insert delivers a soft and responsive feel at impact. This allows for greater feedback and distance control, especially on delicate chip shots around the green.
  • Clean Looks: The S159 wedges boast a clean and attractive design. The tour-inspired head shape inspires confidence at address, and the various finish options (chrome or black) provide a sleek and modern look.
  • Extensive Fitting Options: Ping offers a comprehensive wedge fitting program to ensure golfers are paired with the ideal loft, grind, and shaft combination.


  • Limited Adjustability: Unlike some competitor models, the Ping S159 wedges don’t offer adjustable weighting or lie options. This might be a drawback for golfers seeking a highly customized wedge setup.

  • Price: While not the most expensive wedges on the market, Ping S159 wedges fall into the premium category. Budget-conscious golfers might find more affordable options from other brands.

Player Testimonials

  • “The S59 wedges are the best wedges I’ve ever played. The feel is incredible, and I can generate tons of spin with these clubs. My short game has gone to a whole new level.” – Tour professional Kevin Na

  • “I love the versatility of the S grind. I can hit any shot I need around the green with confidence. The added forgiveness on off-center strikes is a huge bonus.” – Mid-handicap golfer Sarah Jones

  • “These wedges have helped me save countless pars this season. The T grind is perfect for my aggressive short game, and the spin control is unreal.” – Low-handicap golfer Daniel Lee

  • “Finally, a wedge that performs well in wet conditions! The H grind digs right through the mud without sacrificing control. A lifesaver on rainy days.” – High-handicap golfer Michael Lopez

  • “The feel and feedback from the S159 wedges are amazing. I can feel exactly where I’m hitting the ball on the face, which is essential for distance control.” – Senior golfer William Smith


The 2024 Ping S159 wedge represents a compelling option for golfers seeking exceptional short-game performance and versatility. With a combination of soft feel, tour-proven spin generation, and multiple grind options, the S159 wedges cater to a wide range of players. The wedges excel in various aspects:

  • Feel: The soft 8620 carbon steel construction and elastomer insert deliver a soft and responsive feel at impact.
  • Spin: The aggressive wheel-cut grooves generate maximum spin for precise shot-stopping power and control.
  • Versatility: With three grind options (S, T, and H), golfers can find the perfect wedge to match their swing style and course conditions.
  • Looks: The clean and attractive design with a tour-inspired head shape inspires confidence at address.

While the S159 wedges might not be the most budget-friendly option and lack adjustability features, the exceptional performance and versatility they offer make them a strong contender for golfers looking to elevate their short game. If you prioritize soft feel, maximum spin, and the ability to choose the perfect grind for your needs, the Ping S159 wedges deserve serious consideration.

Pricing Table

Amazon Button and Check Price Ping S159 Wedge.
Amazon Button and Check Price Ping S159 Wedge.


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