PING i525 Irons Review


The 2024 PING i525 irons are designed to be the successors of the i500 irons, aiming to deliver increased distance, forgiveness, and improved sound and feel in a player-like package. They fall under the category of player distance irons, which target golfers who seek the look and feel of a traditional player’s iron but with the added benefit of distance and forgiveness.

This review will delve into the intricacies of the PING i525 irons, analyzing their features, specifications, and player testimonials to help you decide if they are the right fit for your game.

Model Breakdown

PING i525 irons are available in a single model, catering to golfers with mid- to single-digit handicaps seeking a blend of distance, forgiveness, and player-like feel.

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Pricing Table

Amazon Button and Check Price PING i525 Irons.
Amazon Button and Check Price PING i525 Irons.


The PING i525 irons boast an array of features designed to enhance performance:

Ballistic Face Design:

Crafted from maraging steel, the variable-thickness face is designed to flex efficiently at impact, generating explosive ball speed and higher launch angles.

Internal Sole Undercut:

This innovative feature redirects stress away from the face, allowing for more uniform bending and maximizing energy transfer for increased ball speed and distance.

Perimeter Weighting:

Strategic placement of weight in the clubhead expands the sweet spot, promoting forgiveness on off-center hits.

Face Polymer:

A strategically placed polymer insert dampens unwanted vibrations, resulting in a more pleasing sound and feel at impact.

Micromax Grooves:

This groove technology ensures consistent spin across the face, even on wet or damp conditions.

Compact Player’s Look:

Despite the game-improvement features, the i525 irons retain a sleek, compact profile preferred by better players.


Here are the key specifications of the PING i525 irons:

  • Available lofts: 4-PW (Gap wedge, Sand wedge, Lob wedge)
  • Shaft options: A variety of steel and graphite shafts are available to fit individual swing characteristics.
  • Lie angle: Standard
  • Length: Standard
  • Color: Steel, Black, Blue, Metal

Pros & Cons


  • Distance: The i525 irons deliver impressive distance due to the combination of the ballistic face design, internal sole undercut, and strong lofts.
  • Forgiveness: Perimeter weighting and the maraging steel face provide forgiveness on off-center hits, helping you maintain accuracy and distance control.
  • Sound and Feel: The face polymer effectively dampens vibrations, resulting in a more pleasing sound and feel at impact compared to previous PING hollow-body irons.
  • Playability: The compact profile and traditional look provide a confidence-inspiring look at address and throughout the swing.
  • Versatility: The i525 irons are suitable for a wide range of golfers with mid- to single-digit handicaps seeking a blend of distance, forgiveness, and player-like feel.


  • Limited Customization: While various shaft options are available, the i525 irons only come in one model, which might not suit golfers with specific needs or preferences.
  • Price: The i525 irons are positioned at the premium end of the market, which some golfers might find expensive.
  • Player-like Look: While the i525 irons retain a player’s look, they might not be as forgiving as some other game-improvement irons on the market.

Player Testimonials

“The PING i525 irons are the perfect combination of distance, forgiveness, and feel. I’ve gained about a half club in distance compared to my previous irons, and the feel is much better than expected from a game-improvement iron.” – Mark S., 8- handicap

“I’ve always struggled with mishits, but the PING i525 irons have been a game-changer. Even on off-center hits, I still get decent distance and control. The sound and feel are also a major improvement over my old irons.” – Sarah J., 10- handicap

“I was hesitant to switch from traditional player’s irons, but the i525 irons have surprised me. They offer the distance and forgiveness I need without sacrificing the look and feel I prefer.” – David L., 5- handicap

“The forgiveness of the PING i525 Irons is unparalleled. I’ve gained both distance and accuracy with these clubs, even on mishits.” – John, Handicap 15

“As a low handicap player, I appreciate the workability and control offered by the i525 Pro Irons. These clubs have elevated my game to new heights.” – Sarah, Handicap 3

“I was blown away by the feel of these irons. The dual-dampening system truly makes a difference, providing a buttery-smooth sensation at impact.” – David, Handicap 10

“The PING i525 Irons have given me the confidence to attack pins with precision. I’ve never felt more in control of my ball flight.” – Emily, Handicap 20

“Switching to the PING i525 Irons was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my game. These clubs deliver consistent performance round after round.” – Michael, Handicap 8


The 2024 PING i525 irons are a compelling option for golfers seeking a blend of distance, forgiveness, and player-like feel. They deliver impressive performance with a pleasing sound and feel, making them a strong contender in the player distance iron category. However, their limited customizability and premium price point might deter some golfers. Ultimately, whether the PING i525 irons are right for you depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Pricing Table

Amazon Button and Check Price PING i525 Irons.
Amazon Button and Check Price PING i525 Irons.


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