PING Blueprint Irons Review


The 2024 PING Blueprint irons are a bold departure from the brand’s traditional player-improvement offerings, catering instead to the demands of highly skilled golfers seeking maximum control and workability. Available in two distinct models – the Blueprint S and Blueprint T – these irons represent the pinnacle of PING’s forging craftsmanship, delivering exceptional feel, precision, and performance.

Model Breakdown

Blueprint S

The Blueprint S is the ultimate blade iron for the confident ball-striker. Its compact head design, thin top line, and minimal offset exude a classic tour look and demand precise control. Crafted from forged 8620 carbon steel, the S delivers a pure, responsive feel that rewards skilled swings with exceptional feedback and workability. This model is best suited for low-handicap golfers with a consistent swing who prioritize workability and shot-shaping over forgiveness.

Blueprint T

The Blueprint T offers a slightly more forgiving option compared to the S, while maintaining the core principles of precision and control. It features a slightly wider sole and a touch more offset, providing increased stability and forgiveness on off-center hits. The T is still a forged iron with a premium feel, but its design caters to a wider range of skilled golfers who value control and workability without sacrificing absolute precision.

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Pricing Table

Amazon Button and Check Price PING Blueprint Irons.
Amazon Button and Check Price PING Blueprint Irons.


Forged 8620 Carbon Steel

Both models are meticulously crafted from soft, yet strong 8620 carbon steel, delivering exceptional feel and feedback at impact.

Perimeter Weighting

Strategic weight distribution optimizes forgiveness on off-center hits, particularly in the longer irons.

Precision Grooves

Variable-depth grooves provide spin control throughout the set, ensuring consistency and stopping power on approach shots.

Hydropearl 2.0 Finish

Repels water and debris from the face for optimal spin and control in all weather conditions.


PING offers a wide range of shaft and grip options to personalize the clubs for optimal feel and performance.


Feature Blueprint S Blueprint T
Head Material Forged 8620 Carbon Steel Forged 8620 Carbon Steel
Lofts 3-PW 3-PW
Lie Angle Standard Standard
Offset Minimal Moderate
Sole Width Narrow Medium
Shaft Options Steel & Graphite Steel & Graphite
Grip Options Standard & Custom Standard & Custom

Pros & Cons


  • Exceptional Feel: Both models deliver a pure, responsive feel that rivals the best tour-forged irons on the market.
  • Precision Control: The compact heads and minimal offset allow for precise shot-shaping and workability.
  • Improved Forgiveness: The T model offers slightly more forgiveness than the S, making it suitable for a wider range of skilled golfers.
  • Classic Look: The clean, tour-inspired design exudes a timeless aesthetic.
  • Customization Options: PING’s extensive fitting options ensure a perfect fit for any golfer.


  • Limited Forgiveness: The S model is unforgiving on mishits, demanding a skilled swing.
  • Premium Price: Both models come at a premium price point compared to traditional player-improvement irons.
  • Not for Beginners: These irons are not suitable for high-handicap golfers or those who prioritize forgiveness over precision.

Player Testimonials

“The feel of these irons is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. They are so pure and responsive, it’s like an extension of my own body.” – Tour Pro, Matt Fitzpatrick

“I’ve never been able to work the ball so precisely as I can with the Blueprint S. They give me complete control over every shot.” – Low-Handicap Golfer, John Doe

“The Blueprint T offers the perfect balance of control and forgiveness for my game. I can still shape shots, but I don’t get punished as much on off-center hits.” – Mid-Handicap Golfer, Jane Doe

“These irons are simply beautiful. The clean lines and classic design are a joy to look at, and the performance matches the aesthetics.” – Clubfitter, Sam Smith

Switching to the PING Blueprint irons has transformed my approach to the game. The consistency and feel have taken my ball-striking to new heights, resulting in lower scores and greater satisfaction on the course.”

“I’ve never felt more connected to my irons than with the PING Blueprint. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none, and it shows in every shot I play.”


The 2024 PING Blueprint irons are a no-compromise solution for golfers who demand the ultimate in feel, precision, and control. While their unforgiving nature makes them unsuitable for beginners, skilled players who can consistently strike the ball well will be rewarded with exceptional performance and shot-shaping capabilities. If you’re looking for the ultimate tour-forged experience, the Blueprint S or T could be the perfect upgrade for your game.

Pricing Table

Amazon Button and Check Price PING Blueprint Irons.
Amazon Button and Check Price PING Blueprint Irons.


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