Relilac Golf Chipping Net Review


As a seasoned golfer and swing whisperer, I’ve seen a fair share of backyard practice nets come and go. Some vanish like errant drives into the rough, leaving you with tangled frustration. Others stand strong, like trusty 7-irons, becoming reliable companions on the path to lower scores. Today, we’re putting the 2024 Relilac Chipping Net under the microscope, dissecting its features, performance, and suitability for golfers of all stripes.

Model Breakdown

Relilac doesn’t bombard you with a dizzying array of options. They keep it clean with two main models:

Pop-Up Chipping Net

This is the classic, user-friendly version, perfect for honing your short game anywhere with enough space to swing a club.

3-Piece Chipping Net Set

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This beefier option offers three nets of varying sizes, providing a wider target area and encouraging distance variation in your chip shots.

Who’s it for?

Both models cater to a broad spectrum of golfers:

  • Beginners: The simple setup and forgiving target areas make it ideal for building confidence and learning basic chipping techniques.
  • Seasoned players: The 3-Piece Set with its size variety keeps even experienced golfers engaged, allowing them to refine distance control and experiment with different chip trajectories.
  • Space-constrained enthusiasts: The Pop-Up Net folds neatly, making it perfect for balconies, garages, or even hotel rooms (for the truly dedicated!).
Pricing Table
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Features & Specs

Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty:

  • Pop-Up Net: Sets up in seconds with a pop-up frame and includes a practice mat, 12 practice balls, and a carrying bag. The net itself is 7′ x 7′ with a 3′ x 3′ target area.
  • 3-Piece Set: Three nets of varying sizes (4′ x 4′, 5′ x 5′, and 6′ x 6′) offer a wider target range and increased challenge. Comes with a practice mat, 24 practice balls, and a carrying bag.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy setup and portability: Both models assemble and disassemble quickly, making practice sessions a breeze. The carrying bags ensure you can take your game anywhere.
  • Durable construction: The nets are made from high-quality, tear-resistant mesh that can withstand even the most enthusiastic practice sessions.
  • Versatility: The different sized nets in the 3-Piece Set cater to various skill levels and allow you to practice different chip shots.
  • Bonus features: The included practice mat provides a realistic launch surface, and the balls are perfect for honing your feel and accuracy.


  • Limited size: The Pop-Up Net might feel cramped for tall golfers or those practicing longer chips.
  • Stability in windy conditions: While generally sturdy, the Pop-Up Net can wobble slightly in strong winds. Consider anchoring it for extra stability.
  • Price: The 3-Piece Set is pricier than the Pop-Up Net, which might deter budget-conscious golfers.

Player/User Comments

“This net has been a game-changer for my short game! My chips are so much more consistent now, and it’s a blast to use.” – Sarah L., Beginner golfer

“The different sized nets keep me challenged and help me practice different chip distances. Perfect for any golfer looking to improve their short game.” – John M., Intermediate golfer

“I love the portability of the Pop-Up Net. I can take it anywhere and get some practice in, even on my lunch break!” – David K., Busy professional golfer

“The construction is top-notch. I’ve hit this net with some pretty shanked chips, and it’s held up perfectly.” – Jane S., Seasoned golfer


The 2024 Relilac Chipping Practice Net isn’t just another piece of backyard clutter. It’s a well-designed, durable, and versatile tool that can help golfers of all levels improve their short game. The Pop-Up Net is a convenient and affordable option for beginners and occasional practitioners, while the 3-Piece Set offers increased challenge and variety for more dedicated players. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a tournament contender, the Relilac Practice Net can be a valuable weapon in your golfing arsenal. Just remember, consistent practice with this net is key to unlocking your chipping potential and seeing those scores drop. So grab your clubs, step into the net, and start chipping your way to lower scores!

Bonus Tip: Use the practice mat and net to set up different chip situations, like uphill lies or bunkers.

Pricing Table

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