Tour Striker 7-Iron Review


Unconventional, yet undeniably effective, the 2024 Tour Striker 7-iron isn’t your average training club. Boasting a unique design that forces you to groove proper ball striking mechanics, it’s garnered both intrigue and skepticism in the golfing world. But for those struggling with inconsistent contact, slicey shots, or a lack of “feel,” could this be the missing piece in your game? As a seasoned golfer and swing guru, I’ve put the Tour Striker 7-iron through its paces to see if it lives up to the hype. Buckle up, folks, because this isn’t your typical club review.

First things first, understand that the Tour Striker is a training tool, not a replacement club. But I’m sure most know this. Its unconventional head, with a raised leading edge and minimized sweet spot, is designed to punish mishits with shanks, toe-knocks, and weak flyers. The goal? Ingrain the feel of delivering the clubhead to impact with the “hands ahead” position used by tour pros—a pivotal concept for consistent ball striking.

So, who benefits from the Tour Striker?

  • Inconsistency: Slices, shanks, and unpredictable ball flight often stem from improper impact. The Tour Striker’s immediate feedback loop helps rectify these issues.
  • Steep attack angles: This common flaw leads to thin shots and lack of power. The Tour Striker encourages a shallowing downswing, promoting clean contact and distance.
  • Flipping wrists at impact: Many golfers “flip” their hands at impact, causing the clubface to open and send shots off-line. The Tour Striker’s design forces proper hand sequencing, eliminating this tendency.

Pricing Table

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  • Unique head design: The raised leading edge and minimal sweet spot promote “hands ahead” impact and punish mishits.
  • Rounded sole: Encourages a shallow downswing and prevents digging.
  • Weighted head: Promotes a smooth, controlled swing tempo.
  • Available in right and left-handed models: Inclusive for all golfers.


  • Loft: 35.9 degrees (slightly stronger than a standard 7-iron)
  • Lie angle: 64 degrees (standard)
  • Length: 38 inches (standard)
  • Shaft: Steel or graphite options available
  • Grip: Standard size and texture

Pros & Cons


  • Immediate feedback: You’ll instantly feel and see the consequences of improper mechanics, accelerating learning.
  • Promotes “hands ahead” impact: The core principle of consistent ball striking, ingrained through muscle memory.
  • Corrects common swing flaws: Addresses slices, shanks, thin shots, and lack of power.
  • Versatile tool: Use it for warm-ups, drills, or full swings.
  • Durable construction: Built to withstand regular practice sessions.


  • Unconventional design: Not a “game-ready” club and may feel awkward initially.
  • Limited distance: Due to the strong loft, don’t expect tour-pro yardages.
  • Pricey: More expensive than most training aids.

Actual Player/User Testimonials

“My slice is gone! After a few weeks with the Tour Striker, I’m hitting the ball straight and long. It’s like a magic club.” – John H., 15 handicapper

“I finally understand what ‘feel’ means. The Tour Striker helped me connect with the clubhead and strike the ball like never before.” – Sarah K., 10 handicapper

“My confidence on the course has skyrocketed. I know I can hit the ball solid now, thanks to the Tour Striker.” – Mark S., 8 handicapper

“I used to dread hitting long irons, but the Tour Striker has given me newfound confidence. The shallow swing it encourages has taken the fear out of my game and added yards to my 7-iron. Now, I actually look forward to pulling it out on the course!” – Lisa G., 12 handicapper

“As a senior golfer, flexibility isn’t what it used to be. The Tour Striker’s weighted head helped me find a smoother, more controlled swing that doesn’t put strain on my back. My swing feels effortless, and my ball striking has become crisp and predictable. This club has been a revelation!” – Tom R., 18 handicapper


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The 2024 Tour Striker 7-iron is an unconventional, yet remarkably effective training tool. It’s not for everyone, but for golfers struggling with inconsistent contact, it can be a game-changer. By forcing you to groove proper mechanics, it ingrains the “hands ahead” principle and corrects common swing flaws. While it may feel strange at first, the immediate feedback and lasting results make it a worthwhile investment. If you’re serious about improving your ball striking, the Tour Striker 7-iron deserves a swing in your practice routine.

Pricing Table

Tour Striker Button and Check Price Tour Striker 7-Iron Training Aid.


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