Wilson D9 Irons Review


The 2024 Wilson D9 irons have ignited the positive chatter with promises of distance, forgiveness, and confidence. But are they just another marketing hype, or do they truly deliver on their lofty claims? As your friendly neighborhood golf guru, I’m here to dissect these beauties and help you decide if they deserve a spot in your bag. So, grab a metaphorical sand wedge and let’s bunker down for a deep dive into the Wilson D9 irons.

Model Breakdown

Wilson keeps things simple with one D9 model, catering to mid-handicap golfers (approximately 10-25 handicap) who crave distance off the tee and forgiveness on mishits. The irons come in a standard set configuration, from 4-iron to pitching wedge, with optional gap wedge and sand wedge available.

Pricing Table

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Features & Specs

  • Max Loft Technology: Progressive lofts throughout the set boost launch and carry distance, particularly in the longer irons. For example, the 7-iron boasts a loft of 27°, a whole degree stronger than the traditional 30°.
  • Power Hole Technology: Strategically placed polymer-filled pockets in the sole flex at impact, maximizing energy transfer to the ball for explosive distance, even on off-center hits.
  • Ultra-Thin Face: A feather-light face design optimizes ball speed and distance across the entire hitting surface.
  • Wide Sole Design: Provides exceptional forgiveness on mishits, minimizing turf interaction and promoting cleaner ball strikes.
  • Reengineered Feel Core: A soft polymer insert dampens vibrations for a satisfying, yet muted, sound and feel at impact.
  • KBS Max Lite Shafts: Lightweight graphite shafts (steel shafts are also available) promote faster swing speeds for increased distance and effortless launch.

Pros & Cons


  • Distance Boost: The combination of strong lofts, Power Hole technology, and a thin face unleashes impressive distance, especially for mid-handicappers.
  • Forgiveness Champion: The wide sole and Reengineered Feel Core absorb mishits, protecting your scorecard and confidence.
  • Confidence Instiller: The sleek design and distance potential inspire trust and a can-do attitude on the course.
  • Value Packed: At a competitive price point, the D9s offer exceptional value for their performance and technology.
  • Pleasing Feel: Despite the distance focus, the D9s deliver a surprisingly soft and satisfying feel at impact.


  • Limited Workability: The D9s prioritize forgiveness over shot shaping, so skilled golfers seeking control might feel a slight restriction.
  • Strong Lofts Not for Everyone: The strong lofts may not be ideal for low-handicappers seeking optimal trajectory control.
  • Potential Distance Gaps: Some testers noted slightly larger yardage gaps between certain irons compared to other brands.
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Actual Player/User Testimonials

“These irons have added 10-15 yards to my long irons! My confidence on the course has skyrocketed.” – John S., 15 handicap

“The forgiveness is unreal! Even my off-center hits fly straight and far. Finally, irons that don’t punish my swing flaws.” – Sarah L., 18 handicap

“The D9s feel amazing! The sound is muted, but the feedback is still clear. I know exactly what I’m doing with each swing.” – David C., 12 handicap

“For the price, you can’t beat these irons. They’re long, forgiving, and look great in the bag. What more could you ask for?” – Emily K., 20 handicap

“The strong lofts took some getting used to, but once I adjusted, I was hitting greens I never thought possible. These irons are game-changers!” – Mark B., 14 handicap


The 2024 Wilson D9 irons are a force to be reckoned with for mid-handicap golfers. They deliver on their promises of distance, forgiveness, and confidence. If you’re looking for irons that can breathe life into your game and help you conquer those pesky mid-handicap hurdles, the D9s are definitely worth a serious look. They might not be perfect for everyone, particularly low-handicappers seeking ultimate control, but for the vast majority of mid-handicappers, the D9s are a recipe for straighter and distance-giving shots, not to mention a smile on your face. You will no doubt be the topic of discussion in your Saturday morning group. The irons are truly “rockets” for the mid-handicapper. Case in point, check out that video below.

Pricing Table

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Summary Overview:

  • Ideal for: Mid-handicap golfers (10-25 handicap) seeking distance, forgiveness, and confidence
  • Key Features: Max Loft Technology, Power Hole Technology, Ultra-Thin Face, Wide Sole Design, Reengineered


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