Recreational Golfers Should Think Twice Before Using These Clubs

Just because pros use certain clubs or balls doesn’t mean amateurs should do the same. In fact, trying to mimic a pro’s equipment can often do more harm than good for the amateur.

This is particularly true for some clubs in the golf bag. The clubs that pros carry may not be the best fit for recreational players. Even at the bottom of the bag, using the same clubs as the pros isn’t always wise. For example, according to golf instructor Bernie Najar, recreational players should avoid using a lob wedge.

Najar explains that the lob wedge is the least forgiving club in the bag and requires precise execution to make solid contact. Most recreational players haven’t developed the necessary skills to use it effectively, so they’re better off sticking with a traditional sand wedge (54 to 56 degrees).

The sand wedge provides more forgiveness if you don’t make a perfect swing, and it’s easier to engage the club’s bounce. So, the next time you’re faced with a tricky shot around the greens, follow Najar’s advice and choose the sand wedge. It’s a more reliable option that will help you save strokes on your short game.

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The fact remains that the type of equipment you carry in your golf bag also matters. Professional golfers and amateur players have distinct playing styles, which is reflected in the composition of their bags. While a pro may benefit from including a 2-iron in their bag, it may not be the most suitable choice for a 15-handicap player.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re unsure which club to use while on the greens, keep Najar’s advice in mind and go for the sand wedge. This club is comparatively simpler to hit and can help you save strokes during your short game.

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