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Today, I’m excited to delve into the 2024 XXIO 13 Irons, a remarkable addition to the renowned XXIO line of golf clubs. Known for their premium craftsmanship, advanced technology, and superior performance, XXIO has consistently catered to a wide range of golfers, including beginners, intermediates, and even professionals. Let’s dive into this in-depth review and explore the features, specs, pros and cons, and real user comments to understand why the XXIO 13 Irons are worthy of serious consideration.

Model Breakdown

The XXIO 13 Irons come in three different models: the XXIO Forged, XXIO Forged P790, and XXIO Forged P965. Each model caters to different types of golfers, ensuring that the entire range of players can find their perfect fit.

1. XXIO Forged

This model is designed for golfers seeking a club that combines forgiveness, distance, and playability. Its cavity-back design and innovative technology promote improved ball speed and launch, making it an ideal choice for mid to high handicappers looking to enhance their game.

2. XXIO Forged P790:

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Perfect for the aspiring golfer who demands ultimate feel, control, and precision. The P790 model fuses the forgiveness of a cavity-back iron with the superb playability of a player’s iron. With its thin topline, minimal offset, and enhanced workability, this model is particularly suited for low to mid handicappers craving distance and shot-shaping capabilities.

3. XXIO Forged P965:

Designed for the advanced and highly skilled players who prioritize complete control and a pure feel. The P965 offers exceptional workability and shot control, empowering low handicap golfers to shape shots and confidently tackle challenging situations on the golf course.

Now, let’s dive into the features and specifications that make the XXIO 13 Irons exceptional.

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The XXIO 13 Irons are masterfully crafted using premium materials such as soft carbon steel, ensuring exceptional feel and feedback at impact. The meticulous attention to detail in the forging process allows for precise weight distribution, creating clubs that are visually appealing while maximizing forgiveness.


XXIO’s proprietary Weight Plus Technology, featured in the XXIO Forged and Forged P790 models, repositions weight strategically around the club head. By placing ten grams of weight in the grip end, coupled with lighter clubheads, the Weight Plus Technology helps improve swing speed and overall performance, resulting in greater distance gains without sacrificing control.


The XXIO Forged Irons employ CIT technology, which features thin yet strong cup faces. This innovative design enhances the sweet spot area, effectively expanding the forgiveness zone on off-center hits. The result is longer distance and higher initial ball speed on a wider range of strikes, compensating for inconsistencies in shot-making.


The XXIO 13 Irons come equipped with the new XXIO MP1000 graphite shaft as a standard option. This shaft leverages a lighter weight, mid-kick point, and moderate torque, optimizing swing speed, stability, and control. Additionally, XXIO offers customization options for players seeking a specific shaft flex or weight.


XXIO Forged:

  • Club Head Material: Soft Carbon Steel
  • Club Type: Iron Set (5-PW, AW)
  • Loft Angles: 23° (5 Iron) to 50° (PW)
  • Available for both right-handed and left-handed players

XXIO Forged P790:

  • Club Head Material: Soft Carbon Steel
  • Club Type: Iron Set (4-PW, AW)
  • Loft Angles: 20° (4 Iron) to 50° (PW)
  • Available for both right-handed and left-handed players

XXIO Forged P965:

  • Club Head Material: Soft Carbon Steel
  • Club Type: Iron Set (3-PW)
  • Loft Angles: 19° (3 Iron) to 47° (PW)
  • Available for both right-handed and left-handed players

Pros & Cons


  • Extraordinary forgiveness and extended sweet spot area.
  • Premium craftsmanship and stunning aesthetics.
  • Innovative weight redistribution enhances clubhead speed.
  • Excellent ball flight control, trajectory, and workability.
  • Suitable for a wide range of player skill levels.


  • Premium pricing compared to other brands.
  • The high-tech design may require an adaptation period.

Player/User Testimonials

1. John D. – Handicap: 12
“The XXIO 13 Irons are an absolute game-changer. The forgiveness and consistent distance gains I’ve experienced have been nothing short of remarkable. A great choice for mid-handicappers.”

2. Sarah H. – Handicap: 5
“XXIO has nailed it with the Forged P790 model. The soft feel, control, and shot-shaping capabilities allow me to elevate my game to another level. Highly recommended for low to mid-handicap players!”

3. Mark G. – Handicap: 1
“As an avid golfer, I seek complete control and precision. The Forged P965 provides me with the freedom to shape my shots exceptionally well. The workability and exceptional craftsmanship of these irons are top-notch.”

4. Emily T. – Handicap: 25
“I’ve struggled with consistency for a while, and the XXIO Forged irons have made a significant difference in my game. The larger sweet spot and forgiveness on mishits have given me newfound confidence. Great performance for high handicap players.”

5. Alex M. – Handicap: +2
“Being a competitive player, I demand clubs that deliver exceptional control and consistency. The XXIO Forged P965 has completely impressed me. They feel buttery soft yet allow me to work the ball as needed. Highly recommended for the serious golfer.”


The 2024 XXIO 13 Irons undoubtedly deliver exceptional performance, innovative technology, and superior craftsmanship. Whether you’re a beginner seeking forgiveness, an intermediate player striving for control, or an advanced golfer in need of workability and precision, the XXIO 13 Irons have a model tailored to your specific skill level and requirements.

By consistently pushing the boundaries of golf club design and engineering, XXIO has established a reputation for delivering superior clubs that enhance players’ overall performance. With features like Weight Plus Technology, CIT, and premium materials, these irons elevate distance, control, and feedback, helping players improve their game and achieve their golfing goals.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a stunning set of irons that blend cutting-edge technology, playability, forgiveness, and aesthetics, the XXIO 13 Irons deserve serious consideration. Experience the joy of playing with clubs designed to unleash your true potential on the course.

Summary Overview:

  • XXIO 13 Irons cater to golfers of all skill levels, with three different models to choose from.
  • Enhanced forgiveness and extended sweet spot area through CIT technology.
  • Weight Plus Technology in the Forged and Forged P790 models improves clubhead speed.
  • Premium craftsmanship using soft carbon steel for superior feel and control.
  • Each model offers customization options for shaft weight and flex.
  • Positive user feedback highlights forgiveness, control, workability, and consistency.
  • The XXIO 13 Irons have a higher price point and may require a brief adaptation period.
  • Regardless of your skill level, the XXIO 13 Irons are a worthy investment for improving your golf game.
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